Jets acquire Eric Tangradi - Cheveldayoff still Boring

Brett Martin
February 14 2013 09:34AM



Everything is relative, and with that in mind, pretty big news out of the Jets camp the other day. They acquired Eric Tangradi from the Pittsburgh Penguins. In return for the former 42nd overall pick of the Anaheim Ducks in 2007 draft, the Jets sent the Penguins a 7th round pick in the 2013 draft.

Tangradi has had what you might call an underwhelming career to date. Sure, he's got wayyyyyyy further as a Hockey player than I ever did, but with a whopping 5 points in 45 career NHL games it's safe to say the 24 year old, 6'4, 221lb Left Winger has yet to light the world on fire.

Which fits in with what Kevin Cheveldayoff has done this far. You see, I sat down to write today about how boring a GM Cheveldayoff is. I went to the Jets site to start compiling my case, and I saw the big news of the Tangradi trade. My heart skipped, then reverted back to normal, as I was re-assured my article idea still had merit, perhaps more so then before.

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Jets Player Usage: Forwards

Kevin McCartney
February 13 2013 02:10PM



After Claude Noel's new lines brought a badly deserved win to the Jets on Saturday, it's worth asking ourselves just how Noel is using his players. In this post, we'll look at Ninja Greg's fantastic Player Usage charts to examine Winnipegs forwards in terms of who they are skating against and where they are sarting their shifts at even strength.

To the Charts!

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Jets lose and other thoughts

February 13 2013 11:36AM


The Jets dropped a tight one at home to the Flyers last night. The team may have deserved a better fate as they out-shot the Flyers by a slim margin and the duo of Montoya and Pavelec were unable to match Philly goaltender Bryzgalov. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. 

What I liked about the game

  • Alexander Burmistrov. Despite being a slim 6.01 at 180 lbs, he lead the Jets in hits on the night with 5 during his 16:01 of icetime. He was also 64% on the dot. Although he was a -1 and only generated one shot (and no points), he continues to impress me with his combination of skill and willingness to use his body. Is it possible he could morph into a 'Doug Gilmour Lite'- as a slight centreman with skill who doesn't mind getting his nose dirty? 

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The Jets Defensive Situation

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 12 2013 04:21PM


Well, the Jets defensive situation just got very interesting.  With both Byfuglien and Bogosian set to return (Buff tonight against the Flyers, Bogo as early as Friday against Pittsburgh), Coach Noel is now being forced to make some tough decisions regarding who exactly is going to play on the blue line.

It's pretty safe to assume that Enstrom, Stuart, and Hainsey aren't leaving the lineup anytime soon. This means that Redmond, Clitsome, and Postma are the unknown variables.

For now, it looks as if Clitsome is going to be the guy sitting out for Byfuglien tonight against Philadelphia. It seems like a rather obvious choice, judging by the fact that he logs the fewest minutes (13:15/game) and has been rather sheltered defensively by Claude Noel as indicated by his quality of competition numbers at behind the net.

Other Options

Redmond is the only player on the blue line who has a two-way contract meaning that contract-wise, he would be the logical choice to bump when Bogosian is ready.  Statistically though, plucking Redmond out at this point doesn't make too much sense: he has been averaging over 20 minutes a game and has the best +/- of the three, while facing tougher overall competition. 

As reported by Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press, Paul Postma’s name has recently been tossed around in trade rumors in exchange for a forward with moderate upside. That being said, the Jets as a franchise have made it clear that they are structuring this team for the future, so don't expect them to trade away a promising, relatively inexpensive (he only makes $550,000 this year), young player very openly. Postma has been statistically performing somewhere in between Redmond and Clitsome, and has an absolute cannon from the blue line.

Personally, I would like to see more of Redmond before/if the Jets send him back down to the Ice Caps, so should Bogosian be ready to go on Friday, I believe there is a solid chance that we will see Clitsome placed on waivers. There just isn't room for him in the lineup anymore, and it is simply not worth the risk to place a player of Postma's value on waivers.

The situation would become much simpler though, If Chevy does manage to trade Postma or even Hainsey, who could provide a team with veteran leadership going into the playoffs. 

This is a problem that many teams in the NHL would love to have, and one that Jets fans should be proud of. Heck, it's a problem we all might as well get used to, because it is sure to pop up again in a year or two when Jacob Trouba is set and ready to take his skill set to the big leagues.   

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Got Montoya?

February 12 2013 01:26PM



Every morning I have a ritual that my wife loves (sarcasm intended). When I eat my breakfast I crack open my iPad and make sure my fantasy hockey league lineup is set. This usually involves a quick trip to to ensure I have the correct goalies started. 

I can assure you no one in my league has Al Montoya on their roster. 

However, I wasn't surprised to see that Montoya was listed as the 'probable' starter (now confirmed) for tonight's game versus Philly . Pavelec is the team's starting netminder, but when both of your goaltenders have save percentages below .900, rolling with the hot-hand is a good idea- especially in a short season. 

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