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October 30 2015 06:45AM

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Flames look like smoldering dumpster fire, concern early in Canucks season, Leafs losing despite obvious improvements, Oilers next ten need to be better, Byfuglien hates three on three OT, Joe Thornton trade a decade later, daily fantasy, Evander Kane and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Draftkings. 

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Jets Nation Recap: Jets Make Statement Against Hawks

Vinnie Criscenzo
October 29 2015 10:54PM


The Winnipeg Jets may have not been able to beat the Kings, but they did beat the champs. 

The Jets got back to their winning ways tonight, beating the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks 3-1 in the last game of their homsestand. They end their six-game homestand with a record of 3-2-1. 

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JGD 10: The Champs Are Here!

Art Middleton
October 29 2015 10:30AM

It's October so it's a little crazy to say that a game against a divisional rival is a "must win" but one look at the standings where first through to sixth place in the Central division is separated by a mere three points and each team has three losses or less after at least eight games played... Suddenly divisional games in October carry a bit more important.

And it doesn't get any more important with the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks in town!

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Started from the bottom (six): Jets bottom six start off slow

Mack Irwin
October 28 2015 06:41AM

Last night's loss to the Los Angeles Kings aside, the Jets have started their season well. Nine games into the season, they are 5-3-1, just about keeping pace in the obscenely, painfully competitive Central Division.

This Jets team has always made up for what they lack in star power with depth and balance throughout the lineup. That isn't a shot at Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien, or Blake Wheeler. It's just that Tampa Bay might have as much name-brand star power on their second line as the Jets do on their whole roster.

But so far this season, the Jets have been decidedly unbalanced - especially at forward. While the top six has excelled, the Jets' third and fourth lines have struggled. 

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Jets Nation Recap: Jets lose... no one likes losing

Garret Hohl
October 27 2015 09:25PM

The Winnipeg Jets were unable to stop the train that is the Los Angeles Kings, as the Kings rolled over the Jets to earn their sixth consecutive win.

The Kings controlled most of the shot attempts for 5v5 situations, although the Jets were able to keep many at the outside and keep the scoring chances somewhat even. It wasn't enough though as Milan Lucic pushed the Kings ahead late in the third and the Jets were unable to come back.

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