Six thoughts 10/24/11 Jets 1-2 Rangers

Cam Charron
October 24 2011 10:10PM

The Winnipeg Jets coming off an impressive win at home where they finally broke through offensively out-shot, out-chanced and out-everythinged the New York Rangers Monday night but couldn't seem to keep the scoring going. They fell 2-1.

This guy beat the Jets? Really?

-When you outshoot your opponent 28-17, and 24-13 at even strength, usually the only way you lose is if your opponent gets a lucky goal. That's exactly what happened on the Ryan Callahan game winner. Zach Bogosian was a little too casual in protecting against Ruslan Fedotenko in front, and the puck could not have banked in more perfectly off of his skate to put the Rangers up 2-1. To further add insult, that penalty came after a shift that was being dominated by Winnipeg. They had four shot attempts in just under 30 seconds before Fedotenko drew a little space, cut to the net in front of Mason, and got taken down.

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October 21 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
October 24 2011 01:15AM



Another week has passed in the season, and with that, it's time for another review of matters around the league. In this installment, the Canucks make the first significant move of the year, two first rounders appear on divergent paths, and the Leafs face life without Optimus Reim.

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Common Sense Prevails: The Kid Goes Down

Robert Cleave
October 23 2011 12:40PM



As reported earlier this afternoon, Mark Scheifele is headed back to Barrie after his brief turn in the NHL. The Kitchener native had an impressive pre-season before scuffling against the grown-ups, potting one goal during his seven game vignette with declining ice time as the games progressed.

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October 22 2011 06:08PM


What a magnificent day in Edmonton. The sun is shining, the Oilers play the Rangers this evening and oh what's that? It's Jason Gregor's birthday. We can't imagine how old he is, but short of cutting him in half and counting his rings we will estimate that today marks the start of his 52nd year on Earth. Happy Birthday!

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Game Day – Jets v Hurricanes

Dean Belanger
October 22 2011 10:16AM

The sport gods are smiling down upon us today as the Bombers and the Jets both play today, hours apart! It’s a huge implication game for the Blue as the season draws to a close. It’s a statement game for the Jets, as they can’t afford to let the season slip away before October turns to November. Today’s game is unique from every other game they have played this year, no circus show is expected tonight, just a hockey game. Good.

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