Dr. Gary!

Ross Smith
October 10 2013 03:35AM

This season The Jets have hired Sports Psychologist and Life Coach, Dr. Gary Barnard to help focus and motivate the team. We’re fortunate enough to have been granted access to these closed-door meetings. Here is the transcript for Dr. Gary’s session with the team in preparation for the Oct.10 game against the Minnesota Wild.

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Draft Street and the Nations

Kevin McCartney
October 09 2013 01:02PM

Due to popular demand Draft Street is back on the Nations. We ran some Free Rolls for DS last year and got some really good feedback, so we approached them about getting this going again for us again this year. They finally acquiesced when Kent threatened to send Wanye to their house with a bullhorn and a clown costume.

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October 08 2013 05:42PM


In the continued effort to move the Nation Network into fantasy gaming and continue raising money for charities at the same time our second game - the ol' reliable NationDraft player box game - begins today. For only $20 you should totally sign up here!

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Jets Scoring Chance Update: Week 1

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 08 2013 12:03PM

Throughout this season another addition to our lineup here at Jets Nation will be the tracking of scoring chances for and against the Jets. In an early pre-season press conference, Claude Noel admitted that he uses scoring chances to evaluate players, so we're going to follow suit to see if we can begin to understand some of Noel's lineup choices. Here’s an update from the first week of the Jets season.

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Jets Prospect Update: October 7

Kevin McCartney
October 07 2013 01:21PM

The day feels a bit dark in Jets Nation after... let's not open that wound.

Instead, we'll check in on our prospects scattered across the continent. 

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