The Log Off Podcast: "Is there blood on our hands?"

Dimitri Filipovic
January 13 2014 04:29PM

"I can't believe the internet hasn't ran with this meme by now, if I'm being honest"

Last time you heard from us, we were openly ridiculing the Winnipeg Jets for the way in which they've been handling their business, from management to coaching to player personnel. Well, one of those has seemingly been fixed, with Paul Maurice replacing Jeff Goldblum Claude Noel behind the bench. Cam assures me that there's no blood on our hands, but I'm not so sure about that.. we were pretty harsh last time out after all. Either way you're welcome, Winnipeg.

As a quick aside: how is it possible that, given the social media era we currently live in, that no one has taken the Kevin Chevel-DAY OFF meme and ran with it? I spent some time searching it up online, and nothing comes up, which is a total travesty. This stuff basically writes itself. Whenever the day comes that he finally gets axed by the club, I hope you all enjoy the Kevin Chevel-LAY OFF headline.

But enough about the Jets. We only spent a couple of minutes talking about them, before using the rest of the show to take a close look at the Eastern Conference playoff race (particularly "the murky middle" as Cam coined it, from spots 5-14). We mostly focused on the New York Islanders (a team which we like, especially if they get their hands on a legitimate NHL goaltender), the Carolina Hurricanes (a team that could be poised to make a run up the standings), and the Buffalo Sabres (who could be really enticing in a few years if they nail their upcoming draft picks).

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JGD 48: Some People Call Me Maurice

Rhys Finnick
January 13 2014 02:37PM

Photo of Old Man courtesy of Mark & Andrea Busse

The Jets 2.0 will play their first game without former Head Coach Claude Noel when the newly hired Paul Maurice makes his Winnipeg bench boss debut tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes. The online community exploded yesterday morning after said announcement, with player, media, and fan reactions ranging from surprise to vindication. The players blame themselves. The media blames the players. Fans just want their team out of the basement.

Speculation aside, tonight marks the first opportunity the Jets community will have to see who really was to blame.

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Game 47 vs Columbus: Scoring Chances and Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 13 2014 10:32AM

Chart via

How many times can a team hit rock bottom in one season? It really seems like the Jets have been making it a goal to keep busting through that point to make the season seem worse and worse at every turn, and have ultimately forced Kevin Cheveldayoff’s hand in the firing of coach Claude Noel. An offensively weak performance supplemented by some questionable defensive play led to yet another loss for the Winnipeg Jets, who are now slipping further and further down the league standings.

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Game 47 vs Columbus: Pavelec Performance and Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 13 2014 10:29AM

In what will go on record as the final game that saw Claude Noel act as the head coach of the Winnipeg Jets, we saw a perfect display of his dump and chase mantra, and how it prevented the Jets from creating an efficient offense.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 15: ClaudeHoppers

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 12 2014 10:37PM

On this week's episode, the guys say so long to Claude Noel, discuss our new coach Paul Maurice and the new evaluation period the Jets suggest they're in. All that plus, Paulina Gretzky's racy tattoo, another spelling bee and some cheery new music for our listeners to enjoy.

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