Early Returns: Forwards

Kevin McCartney
October 17 2013 03:11PM


Just two weeks into the season, the team and fans alike are trying to understand the complex and compounding problems of the Jets. Among them, the role of Claude Noel has taken centre stage, as struggling veterans, slow starts, and questionable on-ice organization plague the 3-4-0 club. 

We only have a few ways to evaluate coaching as fans. Our Systems Analysis work will continue, and we have aggregated team stats. Neither have been friendly to Noel. The Jets once again sit in the bottom third of the league for powerplay effectiveness, and just 17th shorthanded. They rank a meager 18th in 5 on 5 goal differential, and have a very low winning percentage when outshooting their opponents - which speaks to the garbage-time rope-a-dope played by Dallas and Montreal. 

Another tool we have is how the lineup is used. Noel has often been criticized in his tenure in Winnipeg for putting players in positions to fail, and not adjusting to clear-cut problem matchups. Has the move West cured him of his stubborn streak? 

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On Ondrej Pavelec: An Interview with Goalie Scout Justin Goldman

Kevin McCartney
October 17 2013 03:52AM

Ondrej Pavelec can be a challenging member of the Jets to understand. Given a large contract after a career year of a meager .914 save percentage, his best season in the Polar Night blues was a very poor .906. Still, the team's faith in him seems unwaivering, and this pre-season was the first time mainstream media seemed concerned with the trajectory of his career. We hear about his clutch saves, his diving athleticism, and heroic acrobatics, and it can be a challenge to match that to the numbers and the overall success he has on the ice. 

So we went to an expert. We caught up with Justin Goldman, founder of The Goalie Guild, writer at NHL.com, and Regional Goalie Scout for USA Hockey and Goalie Mentor for the NTDP. He gave us some really interesting insight, and honestly taught me a lot about goaltending in the process. Enjoy!

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Game 7 vs. Montreal: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 17 2013 12:44AM

Despite the highly negative tone coming from the Jets following Tuesday’s loss to the Montreal Canadiens, looking at scoring chances you can see that this game was actually a lot closer than many think.

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Kane injured in practice

Kevin McCartney
October 16 2013 01:33PM

News out of Jets practice this morning that Evander Kane had to be helped to the dressing room after injuring his right leg. Brian Munz and Ted Wyman had your tweets about it this morning. Please hockey gods! Take Blake Wheeler instead!

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Game 7 vs. Montreal: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 16 2013 11:40AM


The Jets came out flat once again Tuesday night against Montreal and it ultimately ended up biting them right in the butt. Once again The Habs beat the Jets improving their record to 7-1 since the return in 2011, and moved the Jets back below .500 on the season.

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