Game 15 vs. Chicago: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 04 2013 01:58AM

For the second time this year I’m able to present the Jets scoring chances following a game that produced results greatly affected by the score. Unlike the game against the Blues early last week, the twitter-despair was completely accurate in explaining how terrible this game really was for the Jets from the second period onwards. Regardless, here are the chances from Saturday’s matchup against the ‘Hawks.

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Game 15 vs. Chicago: Pavelec, Monty and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 04 2013 01:55AM

There’s only really one word that can sum up this game for me. Outclassed.

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The Best Side of James Wright: What does it say about the Jets?

Kevin McCartney
November 03 2013 05:33PM


Loyal readers of the blog will know that I don't think much of James Wright as an NHL player. In the summer, I wrote that he alone was an example of how Claude Noel had impeded his team's chances at the playoffs. More recently, I looked at a single shift of Wright's to examine his constant mental errors. 

Last season, every bit of evidence we could muster told us James Wright was not an NHL player, underscored by the fact that he was dead last on the team in corsi (shot attempts) stats. As of today, James Wright is second among regulars on the team in shot attempt numbers while the score is close, and 11th (AKA not last) in five on five play.

Despite zero points and just 13 shots on goal through 15 games, James Wright might be playing his best hockey of his career. Is it enough?

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Some Jets Stats to Ponder

Matt Eichel
November 03 2013 04:23PM

Understatement of the first month of the 2013-14 season: the Winnipeg Jets have not gotten off to a great start.

For fans, points of frustration include coach Claude Noel, goalie Ondrej Pavelec, the inconsistency of the forward group, or even the deplorabale play of the defense corps.

All good talking points of frustration.  

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Jets Post-Game 14: They are the Champions

Kevin McCartney
November 02 2013 04:43PM


Maybe the best part of the game

That was a brutal afternoon for Jets fans everywhere. The team was undone by the coaching adjustments of the Blackhawks early in the second, Pavelec was chased from the net, and we had to listen to Greg Millen. Ack.

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