WJC Canada Postgame: Barzal Shines in Canada's Opener

Jess Pincente
December 26 2016 08:56PM

In their first game of the tournament, Canada took on Russia in an energetic and high scoring round-robin rematch of the 2015 gold medal game.  

Canada played a solid game, as Tyson Jost, Matt Barzal and Dylan Strome put on a show through 3 periods.  The team seemed to be working well together, and their play saw a noticeable improvement as the game progressed.  

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Jets prospects at WJC: Spacek scores to lift Czech over Finland

Jacob Stoller
December 26 2016 08:54PM

Lets take a look at how the Jets prospects performed on day one of the World Junior tournament. 

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Jets Nation Roundtable: What To Expect Next

Art Middleton
December 26 2016 05:20PM

JN RoundTable

The Christmas break in the NHL isn't exactly a halfway point in the season - it's about 5 to 10 games short depending what NHL team you're looking at - but it's as good a time as any to look ahead to 'the second half' of the season and this week on the Roundtable some of the JetsNation staff shares what they expect to see from the Jets in the new year...

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CGD: A New Hope (Canada vs. Russia)

Jeff Veillette
December 26 2016 01:26PM

It's the most wonderful time of year! The World Juniors are back, and with them, we can all unite in arguing with each other about which teenagers carry the best passports. For Canada, the land that occupies most of our hearts, that two-week journey begins with their game against the Russians at Toronto's Air Canada Centre.

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A Look Ahead: The Second Half Starts Now

Dustin Mymko
December 26 2016 12:00PM

Well, Christmas is now behind us and we have one day to recover before hockey starts back up (luckily, the World Juniors begin today so we're not completely hockey-less). The Jets split their Vancouver series by dropping a 4-1 game and then winning one by the same score and they now sit at 16-17-3, which is good for 35 points. The general consensus says that 92 points will get you into the playoffs, so the Jets are probably going to need to grab 57 points in their remaining 46 games. So, they've gotta go, like, 25-12-7? 23-11-13? This is going to be a really tall order for a young club that has been the very definition of inconsistent over the first three months of the season. If they want to have ANY hope at even glimpsing the playoff race in the second half of this season, they're going to have to get hot quick and I mean, like, right now. Let's take a look at what's coming up this week.

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