WCOH: North America Wins a Thriller, Sweden Clinches with Loss

Megan Kim
September 21 2016 06:23PM


Credit: Kevin Sousa of USA TODAY Sports

Exhale, everybody. That was undoubtedly the best game of the tournament so far, and if you were watching, count yourself lucky. It will probably end up being the best game of the tournament, period. With a semifinal berth at stake, Team Sweden and Team North America turned in a high-octane thriller that ended in a fitting fashion: An electrifying 3-on-3 OT with end-to-end rushes, dramatic saves, and a beauty of a game-winning goal. 

If you missed this one, you'll want to go ahead and watch a replay of the entire game, because this matchup was one for the ages. Sure, there's no history or bad blood between Sweden and this North America team, but there was a whole lot of skill and talent on the ice between the two teams, and we sure saw plenty of it.

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WCOH Game 10: Canada vs. Europe

Jonathan Willis
September 21 2016 05:53PM


Canada and “Europe” are both bound for the playoff round of the World Cup, but that doesn’t make this final game of the preliminary round meaningless. The winner finishes the group segment with a perfect record; the loser draws Sweden in the semifinal. It’s a game worth winning.

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Winnipeg Jets announce Training Camp details

Garret Hohl
September 21 2016 01:36PM

The Winnipeg Jets have announced the details for their 2016 Training Camp, including their schedule, roster, and group assignments. The camp officially starts September 23rd with on-ice testing, but medical evaluations will happen on September 22nd.

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State of Jets Nation

Garret Hohl
September 21 2016 12:34PM


It's been a full season and a half since Thomas Drance hired me as his first move as the Nation Network's Overlord and I joined as Jets Nation manager. Since then, we've grown into the leading independent site for Winnipeg Jets news and analysis, with our daily traffic surpassing what was once the norm for weekly numbers.

With a new season just over the horizon, I want to talk about a change coming with the new season, both personal and with the site.

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WWYDW: Training Camp Invites

September 21 2016 12:06PM

Welcome to this week's version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are asked a question and debate among yourselves what the answer is. Unfortunately, the only prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions.  

For this week's What Would You Do Wednesday, I am asking about which prospects caught your eye in the Young Stars Tournament and if they deserve a longer look at training camp.

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