Jets Post-Game 24: 99 Wins and Chicago Ain't One

Kevin McCartney
November 21 2013 10:46PM

Ondrej Pavelec entered his 5th career game against his new Division rival with 99 career wins and not a single one against Chicago. It's starting to feel like some things never change when it comes the Jets.

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JGD 24: #HelmetPardyCanceled, #NothingToCelebrate

Kevin McCartney
November 21 2013 04:02PM

"This classless lion will not be permitted inside the MTS Centre." - Mark Chipman (probably)

The Jets face the Blackhawks just four times this year, and three of those matchups fall in November. The NHL often relies on many games in a short time span to spur rivalry. You play anyone enough in a physical, close quarter, frustrating game like hockey, the logic goes, and you'll learn to hate each other. It's like the playoffs!

I think it's working because I, for one, am starting to really hate these games. Isn't there some team from a place where you can barbeque year-round that has a team for us to play? 

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 7: With You Stats

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 21 2013 10:03AM

The boys start the show with an obligatory mention of Winnipeg's first snowfall, and then get to figuring out how to solve overtime without a shootout. Travis still doesn’t understand why we didn’t pick up Mikhail Grabovski. And the Jets still have (had) the Belt!

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Game 23 Vs. Calgary: Montoya and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 20 2013 01:11PM

Well, I guess we all know what Detroit felt like about a week ago. It’s not a very nice feeling is it?

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Game 23 Vs. Calgary: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 20 2013 01:02PM

Fenwick chart (shots + missed shots) from

In a game that the Jets thoroughly dominated at even strength, they were ultimately defeated due to a bad bounce, defensive lapses, and a painfully horrible penalty kill.

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