Team Canada Takes Shape – And Looks Pretty Good, Too

Jonathan Willis
April 25 2012 11:54AM

With the additions of Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp, this year’s Canadian entry at the World Championships is shaping up to be one of the strongest we’ve seen recently. Given how Canada has fared the last few years at the Worlds, that’s a very good thing.

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Nation Radio - April 21, 2012

April 22 2012 01:02PM

Aside from the St. Louis Blues who are now home and dry, pretty much all of the favorites heading into the playoffs are on the ropes. It's been a wacky post-season for fans of playoff teams. Luckily the Flames, Leafs and Oilers faithful don't have to deal with such stress - all that's left for them is to sit back, await the draft and continue to pray for a Canucks first round upset (sorry Canucks fans).

This week on program we welcomed draft gurus Corey Pronman and Kirk Luedeke to talk prospects, as well Nation regulars Kent Wilson and Jonathan Willis to get a feel for the Flames and Oilers off-season.

This is Nation Radio.

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25 Games For Raffi Torres

Jonathan Willis
April 21 2012 10:14AM

The NHL has suspended Raffi Torres for 25 games as a result of his hit on Marian Hossa.

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Winnipeg Jets Off Seasons Needs & Wants Part 1

Matt Eichel
April 17 2012 12:20PM

As a former Canadiens fan of the late 1990s and early 200s, I know what early April usually brings - watching other teams play in the playoffs instead of my favourites playing themselves.

Now as a newly converted Jets fan this season, the whole rigamarole starts over again (although the Habs did finish worse than the Jets) but it's not exactly the same as with my former team.

The Jets - albeit young and needing depth - are on the up slope to becoming a better team and the organizational philosophies that Kevin Cheveldayoff has installed in the Jets organization can begin to take root more effectively with the good graces coming down from owners Mark Chipman and David Thomson.

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New Jersey - Florida Scoring Chances

Cam Charron
April 16 2012 03:41PM

For whatever reason, I'm tracking scoring chances in the Florida and New Jersey series, and, seeing as the Panthers are the Southeast Division brethren/rivals of the Winnipeg Jets, it may be of some interest to post these numbers here. Or, visiting Devils or Panthers fans may frequent this blog, because it has posted information pertaining to their teams they can't get anywhere else:

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