The Code

Ross Smith
September 24 2013 03:25AM

The Code in effect, with several neutral observers ensuring careful adherence


Hooo-weee! We’re not even into the regular season yet and already there are crazy injuries and suspensions and bench-clearing brawls, all of which lead to a lot of discussions in hockey circles about “The Code”. The Code is an unwritten set of rules passed along from generation to generation used to govern the conduct of players in situations outside the purview of the NHL rulebook. Fighting is a common result or application of The Code. It is the karmic restoration of harmony and honour in a wicked, frostbitten icescape. You crosscheck our guy; we knock your guy’s teeth out. You bite our guy’s finger; we crosscheck your guy. It’s all perfectly logical. However, for even the most ardent fan of the game, The Code can be hard to decipher. When and why is it applied? Do the participants universally understand the rules? Do these rules change over time? Who wrote this code and why?

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Pre-season Game Six: Down the Middle

Kevin McCartney
September 23 2013 05:22PM

If you stopped by our sister-site, Oilers Nation today, you might notice that there is something wrong in central Alberta. That something is - as it has been for two decades - centre depth. This week is worse than most after news broke that Sam Gagner had suffered a broken jaw in the Kassian stick-swinging incident. Of course, Ryan Nugent Hopkins is also going to miss the start of the season recovering from shoulder surgery. On paper, then, Boyd Gordon is their best remaining natural centre, and worse, the three young men being auditioned for a month of time in the Oiler top-six - Will Acton, Mark Arcobello, and Andrew Miller - have all been various shades of 'bad at hockey.'

The Jets are the first team to face the Oilers in crisis, and if the road team has a lead in the second intermission, I expect - nay, demand! - Kevin Cheveldayoff try to trade MacTavish Olli Jokinen. It's our only hope.  

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Jets Send Down 5, Continue to Waste Pre-season

Kevin McCartney
September 23 2013 03:04PM

The Jets have sent down another handful to St John's for the opening of Training Camp for the IceCaps. Though none of the players on the list are likely NHL quality or necessarily should have lasted longer, the Jets are starting to raise questions about whether they are even using pre-season or training camp to evaluate talent. The list and some comments to follow.

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Pre-season Game Five: Wild Things

Kevin McCartney
September 21 2013 04:28PM


Without question, the Minnesota Wild are the worst part of the Jets changing divisions. I mean, you know, for me. 

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Meet The Rivals: St. Louis Blues

Travis Hrubeniuk
September 21 2013 01:49AM


Finally, after two long and rather ridiculous seasons that saw the Winnipeg Jets based out of the Southeast, the league has undergone re-alignment and have the team in a realistic division: The Central. All week I will provide a preview of the Jets new Divisional Rivals, giving you with a brief review of last years’ stats, each team's potential opening day lineup, strengths and weaknesses, and a few major storylines (both Jet and non-Jet related). Today we review the unbelievably deep St. Louis Blues.

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