JGD 63: Falling Jets host rising Islanders

Garret Hohl
March 03 2016 08:49AM

It seems like it was just yesterday that we at Jets Nations were getting excited for a playoff push by our beloved Winnipeg Jets... Now many fans are looking at the standings while images of a potential Auston Matthews dances in their heads.

We take a look at the game as the Winnipeg Jets play host to the New York Islanders.

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Jets Nation Podcast: Trade Deadline Review

Cody B
March 03 2016 06:30AM

Hey everyone. Welcome to the brand spanking new Jets Nation Podcast!

We take a look back at the NHL trade deadline for the Jets with the day fresh in the rear view mirror. Was there enough of a return for Ladd? Who won and who lost?

Find out in the first instalment of the Jets Nation podcast.

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Four Jets Named To World Cup Preliminary Rosters

Art Middleton
March 02 2016 04:56PM

The eight teams taking part in this fall's World Cup of Hockey named their preliminary 16-man rosters and four Winnipeg Jets were named to those clubs.

Ondrej Pavelec once again is named to the Czech Republic, Blake Wheeler and Dustin Byfuglien will represent Team USA and Connor Hellebuyck was tagged to join the North American 23 year old and younger team.

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WWYDW: Trade Deadline

March 02 2016 11:03AM

Welcome to this week's version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are asked a question and debate among yourselves what the answer is. Unfortunately, the only prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions. 

This week's WWYDW asks what you would have done different if you were general manager of the Winnipeg Jets.

Take a read and let us know what you think!

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Jets Nation Recap: Florida Jagrs Jagr The Jets Again Jagr to 2

Art Middleton
March 01 2016 10:19PM

This is the dream Jets fans!

The Jets as a whole were generally very good, they out-played their opposition, Ondrej Pavelec was bad and let in at least two stinkers and the Jets end up losing at home against Florida 3-2.

The tank rolls on!

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