Jets Continue to Win at Draft; Draft Jansen Harkins 47th

Rhys Jessop
June 27 2015 09:04AM

With their 3rd selection of the NHL entry draft, the Jets had another gift fall in to their laps as two-way Prince George Cougars centre Jansen Harkins was around for their second round pick.

Harkins was a very good player on a poor Cougars team this past season, and represents some excellent value for the Jets in round 2. Let's have a look after the jump.

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Jets Nation Draft Recap: Day One

Garret Hohl
June 27 2015 06:30AM

What a fun and exciting day?

There were trades and rumours of trades. There were players drafted high as expected, and then some selections and passes that made you scratch your head.

In case you did not know, the Winnipeg Jets were among those rumours and drafting.

Let's take a look at the first day of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft for the Jets.

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By The Numbers: Winnipeg Jets select Jack Roslovic 25th overall

Garret Hohl
June 26 2015 09:55PM

I'm not sure if you noticed, but the Winnipeg Jets had two selections in the first round this year. While we were still high in euphoria with the addition of Kyle Connor, the Jets took another player that we had ranked earlier than when the Jets took him.

While we didn't have Jack Roslovic as the best player available, he was pretty darn close. At 27th the Jets selected our 21st favourite player.

Let's take a quick look at the numbers for the other top four scorer in the USHL in this year's draft.

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Some quotes from Kyle Connor

Garret Hohl
June 26 2015 08:42PM

The Winnipeg Jets selected Kyle Connor as their first pick in this years draft and we're pretty elated here at Jets Nation.

The draft is always fun as its an opportunity to meet and connect with new players. Many have no idea who these new additions to the organization are and it's fun getting to learn a bit about these young, potential-future star players.

Jets Nation has overlord Thomas Drance on location and was able to grab some quotes from Kyle Connor.

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Winnipeg Jets select Jack Roslovic 25th overall

Garret Hohl
June 26 2015 08:11PM

With the 25th overall pick at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft the Winnipeg Jets selected Jack Roslovic from the US National Development Team Program.

Roslovic is the Jets second American pick in the first round this summer and the third first rounder since the move. He is a smart player, especially in the offensive zone where his playmaking ability shines. Roslovic scored a boatload of points this year and looks increadibly good by the numbers, although there is concerns how much of his offense was carried by 2016 bluechip prospects Austen Matthews and Matthew Tkachuck.

By our draft board this pick is not as huge of a steal as the Kyle Connor selection, but still offers some potential value with Roslovic sitting at 21st on the Nation Network ranking.

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