Wheeler and Lucic

February 08 2013 03:07PM



The Canadiens/Bruins game on Wednesday night featured all the elements a hockey fan could ask for: a historic rivalry, a villain (Chara), and a third period comeback to win the game for the Bruins. One of the key elements of the comeback was Milan Lucic - he only had one assist on the night, but his physical presence created some key turnovers and helped his newly formed line with Tyler Seguin and David Krejci charge through to the win. Lucic is a Mack Truck who can stick handle. He is truly a beast and is the type of player other teams make personnel decisions around (Zac Kassian in Vancouver). When discussion is about prototypical power forwards in the NHL, Lucic's name is at the top of the list. 

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The Problem With Pavelec

February 08 2013 11:44AM




The Winnipeg Jets have an Achilles Heel, and his name is Ondrej Pavelec. when Pavelec's 5 year, $19.5 million extension was signed, Jets General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff said that "there's no question - having stong stable goaltending is very important." It hasn't exactly worked out that way for Pavelec, or the Jets.

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Interview with a Jets Ticket Holder

Brett Martin
February 08 2013 09:16AM



I’ve been an avid member of JetsNation since 1979, when both the NHL Jets and I were born. It was a good year all around. I grew up a die-hard Jets fan. For Halloween, I went out in my Hockey gear as whatever Jet I was currently obsessed with. All I wanted for Christmas was more Jets stuff. I was a fanatical fanatic.

Then a bad thing happened. My family upped and moved to Calgary in 1994. Even worse, 2 years later, the Jets left. I cried. A lot. My Heroes were gone. As a result, I set off on a mission. I would right a wrong of the Universe - I would become a billionaire and bring the Jets home. It was a tall task, but I was up for it.

But a funny thing happened. Men with similar visions, and much more success than I at becoming franchise-owner rich, righted the aforementioned wrong and brought back the Jets. I cried for joy. And loss of purpose.

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Best Jets of All Time

Brett Martin
February 07 2013 02:53PM



Don't get me wrong - I love the Jets. But something is a little off.

You see, when you look at the History of the new Jets, you'll see the leading scorer in franchise history is Ilya Kovalchuk, with none other than the immortal Vyacheslav Kozlov in second place, some 199 points back. With a little luck, we can expect to see Tobias Enstrom pass Marian Hossa for 3rd place with 32 more points this season. Exciting, I suppose, but there's something about watching Nik Antropov's pursuit of Ray Ferraro for 9th in all-time 'Jets' scoring that leaves me feeling a bit empty.

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A Flash of the Future from Alex Burmistrov

Travis Hrubeniuk
February 07 2013 12:02PM


Like I’m sure many other Jets fans were doing, I instantly found myself asking one question following the news of Mark Scheifel'es demotion.

Why now?

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