JGD 18: Third Time's The Charm?

Kevin McCartney
November 08 2013 02:34PM

Maybe the Preds will volunteer to lose!

After two frustrating loses to the Predators already this season and a disappointing performance on Wednesday, game three against Nashville is a bit of an unwanted re-match. Some days I miss playing Florida.

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Friday Five-Hole: Jets Weak in Review

Rhys Finnick
November 08 2013 12:42PM

Pavelec's pre-game ritual. Car not pictured.

This weekly column looks to discuss a certain number of relevant Jets topics on a certain day of the week. That certain number? Five. That day of the week? Friday. Also, hole. This is the Friday Five-Hole.

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Game 17 @ Chicago: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 08 2013 11:45AM

The elite vs. the not really even close.

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Game 17 @ Chicago: Montoya and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 08 2013 11:41AM

For how well the Jets came together as a group in the absence of Evander Kane on Monday, they clearly missed him on Wednesday night. Entering Chicago’s zone truly became a struggle.

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Jets Post-Game 17: 20% Better Than Last Time

Kevin McCartney
November 06 2013 09:50PM

Even this drunk guy was beating the Jets in the corner

It's hard as a fan base to have your hopes raised and dashed repeatedly. No one truly believed the team could put on a show in Chicago they way they did Monday night against a tired and beat-up Detroit team, but it's hard not to hope that Montoya would pull a Wade Flaherty from May 19, 1995 - 56 saves, willing his team to victory - instead of a Wade Flaherty from the rest of time. 

We got our dose of reality. And yeah, it hurt.

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