Central Division Preview: Minnesota Wild

Mack Irwin
September 29 2016 12:00PM

This preseason we will be previewing each of the Jets' competitors in the Central Division. Today we'll cover the Minnesota Wild ahead of their preseason matchup at the MTS Centre tonight. 

The Minnesota Wild should be one of the most compelling teams in hockey this season. Not compelling in a "great players/exciting style/winning lots of games" sort of way; the Wild are going to be interesting in an academic sense, an experiment as to how much of an impact NHL coaches can make.

This is a team that has, for years, been just a hair better than average. Their past three seasons have resulted in one first-round exit and two second round defeats. Their best players -- Ryan Suter, Zach Parise, Mikko Koivu -- are all over 30, and their only significant on-ice addition this summer was in adding 31-year-old Eric Staal.

But the Wild had a job opening at exactly the right time, and so just over a week after being fired by the Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota were able to lock down one of the best hockey coaches in the world to a four-year contract. The roster has hardly changed -- good but not great, sure to contend for the playoffs but no guarantee to make it there -- but the man behind the bench has. And with the Stars, Blues, Blackhawks and Predators entrenched at the top of the division, the Jets' road back to the playoffs this season goes through Minnesota.

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WCOH Final 2: Canada vs. Europe

Jeff Veillette
September 29 2016 10:33AM


This time, there's something on the line. Tonight, Team Canada will have a chance to put Team Europe behind them and get a chance to win their second consecutive World Cup of Hockey. Granted, it's been twelve years since the last one and only two players have returned for this tournament, but run with me here; we need something to get excited about. 

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Jets Nation Podcast: The Curious Case of Jacob Trouba

Cody B
September 28 2016 02:29PM

The podcast gets heated when the controversial topic of the Jacob Trouba trade demand is discussed.

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JN 2016-17 Season Preview: St Louis Blues

September 28 2016 01:00PM

Today we are continuing our series of taking a look at our fellow Central division rivals for the 2016-17 season. Once again the Central Division is being looked at as perhaps being the toughest in all of hockey with all seven teams (yes, even the Jets) being legitimate playoff threats.

Today, we look at the St. Louis Blues.

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Mathieu Perreault's comments regarding Trouba speaks volumes

Jacob Stoller
September 28 2016 12:20PM

Not every player is going to agree with what decisions their teammate or the the team they play for makes.  No matter what the players say to the media, it's not always going to truly reflect how they feel. It rarely ever does.

In wake of the news that 22 year old restricted free agent Jacob Trouba has requested a trade, a handful of Jets players were interviewed on the matter and their answers largely echoed the same stance, except one. 

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