JGD 77: Jets Hope To Vote Out Senators

Jeremy Wiebe
March 30 2016 08:30AM

Two teams that won't see playoff action next month meet up Wednesday night at the MTS Centre. The Winnipeg Jets versus the Ottawa Senators doesn't scream must-see TV unless you're an absolute die-hard fan of either one of these franchises. But there is a game to be played so we shall see hockey performed. To what level we're not exactly sure.

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Checking in on Kyle Connor

Ryan Lambert
March 29 2016 03:31PM

Kyle Connor watch is officially on in Winnipeg.

The Michigan Wolverines saw their season come to an end on Saturday night as North Dakota dismantled their good-ish but flawed team in truly ugly fashion. The final score was 5-2, but shots were 49-27, which is fairly reflective of how the game went and deserved to have gone.

One thing to note, though, was that Connor and his line created the only two Michigan goals on the night, which was to be expected. Michigan scored 181 goals all year (not a bad total in just 38 games!), and Connor, JT Compher, and Tyler Motte combined for 83 of them. That's almost 46 percent of the goals for one of the top 10 or so best teams in the country. Patently absurd, but it speaks to the power Connor and Co. brought to the rink every night.

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Jets Nation Podcast: The Ethics of Tanking

Cody B
March 29 2016 05:00AM

With the season winding down the Jets Nation podcast dives into the floundering season of the Winnipeg Jets and the ethics of tanking. 

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Jets Nation Recap: Jets Fall In OT Bad For Tanking

Jeremy Wiebe
March 28 2016 08:35PM

Call this a double loss for the Winnipeg Jets. Not only did the Jets lose 3-2 in overtime to the Philadelphia Flyers but they also "lost" a point in the ongoing battle to draft Auston Matthews first overall. Granted, the draft lottery may still swing the Jets way but with every point gained, the odds of getting Matthews get slimmer.

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JGD 76: Jets Go Ghost Bear Hunting in Philly

Vinnie Criscenzo
March 28 2016 12:54PM

The Winnipeg Jets will play their final game of the season out east tonight as they head to Wells Fargo Center to face Shayne Gostisbehere and the Philadelphia Flyers. 

They'll look to rebound after a disappointing 3-2 loss to the Buffalo Sabres Saturday night. The Jets allowed three unanswered goals after leading 2-0. 

“We know we didn’t bring it in the third, especially when you give up a lead like that,” said Scheifele. “It’s going to be a tough test against Philly, and hopefully we can make it a good one.”

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