Nation Network Prospect Profiles - 2nd Round Summary

Ryan Biech
May 23 2016 03:00PM

We are halfway through our draft rankings!

In an effort to make all the profiles easy to access and in one place, we have created this post to include all of the players ranked from 60 to 31.

We hope you have enjoyed the profiles so far. They will only get better from here as we approach the top of what should be a fun draft class.

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2016 Draft: Which Swedes Fit The 51% Rule?

Shawn Reis
May 23 2016 09:10AM

With the draft one month away it's time to start ramping up our focus towards it even more.

Most of the talk so far has been surrounding the real top tier players of the draft like Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine.  But there are six more rounds past the first one, and there are plenty of future NHLers that'll come out of this draft that up until now you've never heard of in your life.

Luckily, we have little tricks to help us try and identify who those players might be.

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Slicing and Dicing the Jets: Where did the goals come from and go?

Garret Hohl
May 23 2016 08:00AM

The Winnipeg Jets missed the playoffs for the fourth time in five seasons since the move to Manitoba, and the 14th time over 16 seasons over franchise history. The season does not end for us though at Jets Nations.

Welcome to our series where we take an analytical approach, dissecting what went wrong with the Jets 2015-2016 season and how to improve the team for next year.

We introduce our series with comparing the Jets 2015-2016 season from the 2014-2015 season.

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Nation Network Prospect Profile #30: Carl Grundstrom

Jeremy Davis
May 23 2016 08:00AM

151209 Carl Grundström

Technically the first member of our first round projections, Carl Grundström is a personal favourite of mine, and not just because of what names came out of the similarity model (although that helped - more on that later). Grundström is a Swedish two-way winger who plays what might be considered a Canadian style of game. He bangs and crashes, but he can back it up with some soft hands and an impressive shot.

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By the Numbers: Jets (and potential Jets) shine in Russia

Garret Hohl
May 22 2016 07:47PM

Over in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia, the Winnipeg Jets had a few players representing the organization. There are also a few players that potentially could be part of the team in the near future from the second overall selection in 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

The tournament was a fun event for Jets' fans to observe, especially with the team missing the post-season once again.

Let's take a look at some of the performance for the Jets (and notable players).

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