Claude Noel's Season Segments: Team Still Struggling

Kevin McCartney
December 30 2013 12:36AM

In the pre-season, coach Claude Noel told us that he breaks the season in five-game segments to keep the team focused, and explained his moderate and attainable expectations that the team win 3 out of every 5. Half way through the year, we take a look at the team's success using those segments.

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Jets Post-Game 41: Al Montoya For the Win

Kevin McCartney
December 29 2013 11:45PM

The Jets won their second in a row for the first time since games against New Jersey and Long Island to start the Eastern Conference road trip in November. Coach Noel said the team needed to gain some momentum, and they might have done it through the play of back-up netminder Al Montoya. 

The TSN crew called this one 'the most complete' game of the Jets' season, but it was Al Montoya and Semyon Varlamov that kept this a low scoring affair. They were rightfully two of the three stars of the game.

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Jets Woulds, Coulds, and Shoulds List

Matt Eichel
December 29 2013 08:18PM


It's season three in Winnipeg and enough time has passed since the Jets returned to start a should, would, and could list for the team and franchise of the past two and change seasons as well as towards the present and future of the team.

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Game 40 vs Minnesota: Scoring Chances and Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 29 2013 06:59PM

Chart from

The Jets big line showed up huge for them on Friday night, in a game that had more offense in it than their three previous meetings combined.

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Game 40 vs Minnesota: Goalie Performances and Neutral Zone Play

Travis Hrubeniuk
December 29 2013 06:57PM

Safe to say this game turned out in a way that nobody expected. The Jets were able to overcome some rather questionable goaltending against the Wild and put up a 6-spot against one of the best defensive teams in the league.

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