Winnipeg Jets Offseason Part Two: Free Agency

Jeremy Wiebe
July 08 2015 11:35AM

This is a two-part series that will deal with the offseason changes and their implications on the Winnipeg Jets for next season and beyond. Part two deals with free agency.

Contrary to the 2015 NHL entry draft, the free agency class of 2015 was one of the weakest in recent memory. That doesn't mean there were no good players available, it meant that those good players weren't as readily available as they used to be. Most teams had their top players locked in to long-term contracts in order to avoid losing them for nothing.

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Hockey Graphs Podcast EP 21 - Weissbock, JD Jerk, and MoneyPuck invade Hockey Graphs

Garret Hohl
July 07 2015 04:43PM


Garret and Rhys return this week and they bring some friends!

Join us after the jump (or on iTunes!) for a detailed look back at the 2015 draft with Josh Weissbock, and then "JD Jerk" and "MoneyPuck" join in for some "Free Agency Frenzy" discussion.

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Jansen Harkins 2014-15 Highlights | Prince George, WHL

Anthony Lenting
July 07 2015 01:11PM

The Winnipeg Jets selected Jansen Harkins at 47th overall. Harkins was ranked 22nd overall by the Canucks Army, Jets Nation, and NHL Numbers draft preview.

Harkins has all the intangibles. He's smart, plays a strong defensive game, is a leader, but he is also a pretty strong scorer on a very, very weak team.

Check out some highlights of Harkin's highlights last season.

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Report: Winnipeg Jets sign Julian Melchiori to one-year, two-way contract worth $600K

Garret Hohl
July 06 2015 08:25PM

The Winnipeg Jets continue to add on their farm team.

Julian Melchiori was reported to sign a one-year, two-way contract, worth 600 thousand in the NHL.

Melchiori is now the 14th defensemen the Jets organization has signed to NHL contracts for use between the NHL and AHL team.

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Jack Roslovic 2014-15 Highlights | USNDTP, USHL

Anthony Lenting
July 06 2015 03:22PM

The Winnipeg Jets selected Jack Roslovic 25th overall. Roslovic was ranked 21st in Jets Nation, Canucks Army, and NHL Numbers prospect rankings.

Roslovic is a high skilled player who played on the USNTDP's best line, along with 2016 NHL Entry Draft superstars: Auston Matthews and Matthew Tkachuk.

Check out some highlights of Roslovic's highlights last season.

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