A Sochilist Agenda

Ross Smith
February 23 2014 03:05PM


**Warning: Canada just won gold in hockey! Our nation leaves Sochi triumphant once more! Now, I bum you out.

What is this joy in my heart that trumps all reason? How powerful is this drug that I don’t have to smoke, snort or inject it to feel untapped reserves of euphoria pump forth from my heart and into my skyward-raised fists as I leap off the couch to celebrate? All I need is a lit screen, an imagination and a misplaced sense of nationalism. Damn you, Olympic Games, damn you straight to rose-coloured Hell.

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The Axe

Ross Smith
January 19 2014 01:48PM

Last Sunday the axe fell on Claude Noel, lopping his weary coaching head from his would-rather-be-golfing body. It was the execution that capped weeks of frustration from both the team and the fan base with the suggested remedies ranging from “trade all our best players” to “force members of ownership and management into a Battle Royale to the death where the victor will win not only his precious freedom but the confidence of season ticket holders”. (The latter may have just been a dream I had.) The flurry of online reaction, both snark and relief with a soupcon of speculation about what Paul Maurice will bring to the table, gave me pause to consider what is one of the more humiliating experiences of our daily humdrum: getting fired.

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The World According to Gretz

Ross Smith
January 10 2014 12:21PM


The Dalai Lama of hockey has spoken. When asked by TSN about the selection of the Canadian Men’s Olympic hockey team The Vishnu, the Socrates, the Dean Koontz of all matters puck-related delivered the same response that even my 8-year old nephew would offer up with the right amount of media coaching: Essentially, “Yeah, it’s a good line-up. Hard to choose.”

TSN’s Mr. LeBrun, unfortunately, was forced by editorial constraints to reduce the full interview to the one topic of the concern. The discussion was much wider ranging and has been provided to us at JetsNation, by our TSN Insidier Insider, in full. We’ve extracted the highlights of the 17 hour-long discussion here.

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My Dinner with Dustin

Ross Smith
January 08 2014 08:00PM

After the recent Winnipeg/Ottawa game, Dustin Byfuglien and Bobby Ryan took some time over dinner to discuss their exclusion from the American Olympic team roster.

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Ross Smith
December 02 2013 09:26PM


What's the proper headline?Jets take a bite out of the Big Ap--- no, no, that’s not right. Jets fly right through the Big Orchard… no.  Rangers should have started Lundquist! There we go. Look, it doesn’t matter, Jets win, that’s rad, there was some exciting plays and off they go to Florida to build on all the successful elements they implemented tonight, like… well, there was Trouba blocking shots and… just how did they win this game?!

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