Monday Morning Musings: Success Breeds Confidence

Matt Eichel
January 27 2014 11:48AM


Confidence is infectious.

Especially when the leader of the troops is emitting it as much as Ron Hainsey used to give the puck away (Sorry Ron).

But the Winnipeg Jets are more than confident crossing the .500 percentage threshold.

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Jets Look To Overcome Mediocre Status

Matt Eichel
January 22 2014 04:57PM



So maybe it was the coach after all, eh?

Poor Claude Noel, even one game over the .500 mark didn't do it - probably had to do with how much the first half of the 2013-14 season dipped into that record.

Two winning seasons - 37-35-10 and 24-21-3 - but still no playoffs followed by a tumultuous 19-23-5 start to this season saw him ship out and saw the Jets playing uninspired and not improving as they did from year one to year two.

Enter Paul Maurice - who has gone 4-0 since his arrival - and has bumped that Noel record from 19-23-5 to 23-23-5.

The veteran bench boss Maurice has the Jets playing inspired hockey that Jets fans wanted to come to expect from Claude Noel's coaching, but Noel simply did not have the experience or the personality to do that with the young core intact in Winnipeg.

Maybe it wasn't just personality - maybe it was just personal accountability.

Such big words for hockey eh?

Well, such true words for hockey too.

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Monday Morning Musings: Wright Not Right Fit & Jets Halfway Home

Matt Eichel
December 30 2013 07:55AM

Wright Not the Right Fit In Winnipeg

The biggest complaint I have had as a Jets fan over the two and a half seasons the team has been back hasn't been the lack of Ron Hainsey's defensive skills or even the lack of NIk Antropov's speed - it is the fact the Jets regularly dress centre James Wright on a nightly basis on their fourth line.

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Jets Woulds, Coulds, and Shoulds List

Matt Eichel
December 29 2013 08:18PM


It's season three in Winnipeg and enough time has passed since the Jets returned to start a should, would, and could list for the team and franchise of the past two and change seasons as well as towards the present and future of the team.

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Four Future Jets Take On World Juniors

Matt Eichel
December 16 2013 08:16PM



I always enjoy taking a sneak peek at the future of the Winnipeg Jets.  It brings optimism, hope, and a sense that the franchise is actually going somewhere.

And for the first time in the entire franchise's history - Atlanta and Winnipeg - the team actually knows how to draft quality players who will be in the lineup and not playing in the ECHL (remember Daultan Leveille or Alex Bourret anyone?).

There are four Winnipeg Jets prospects on their respective countries rosters coming up for the World Juniors in Sweden and it is very exciting to see what they offer their country with their skills.

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