Fire Noel still, and other Jets Observations from Afar

Brett Martin
November 13 2013 01:50PM

One of the principle caveats of covering a Team, in any sport, is the ability to watch them and translate into words what your eyes feed your brain. A fair requirement. Imagine, then, my (and potentially the boss') dismay at having only been able to catch about 5.5 periods of Winnipeg Jets Hockey so far this season. What kind of informed obseravtions can I offer? What sort of expert had I become? 

A bad one. But it hasn't been for lack of effort. Of late, I've had the travel schedule of a shiftless hobo on the run from law enforcement juristictions, coast-to-coast.. I've been on the go, constantly, and seemingly, Jets games come and go just as quickly, often without my knowledge. 

Recently, after yet another night of stumbling back to whatever Hotel room I was in, and seeing highlights of yet another Jets game that I had no idea had occured until that moment, I vowed to make a change. Time to get serious. Sure, I was on the road to work, but I simply had to take the time to watch more Hockey games. No excuses - this is serious business, watching Hockey games.

And as will happen when one puts their mind to positive use, things have improved since. I've caught (some of) a couple games on TV. I'm well aware of the drama surrounding Kane's healthy scratching and such. I'm not up to full speed yet, but I'm no longer ingnorant of the Team I'm supposed to write about, which is good news in my books. So, somewhat triumphantly, I present to you some Thoughts and Observations directly from my eye-brain feed.

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Jets All-Moustache Team

Brett Martin
November 01 2013 02:01AM

It's that time of year again, when moustaches decorate the mid-face of more than just hipsters and ex-Mounties.  

In honour of Movember, we look back at the greatest moustaches in team history.

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It's Go Time!

Brett Martin
September 06 2013 11:37PM

Pretty lucky, us members of JetsNation are. This week marks the unofficial begining of the 2013-2014 NHL Season, as the Young Starts Prospect Tournament gets going in Penticton. It's a legitimate event on the NHL calender, one that is attended by Hockey Media heavyweights like TSN's Bob Mackenzie, amongst others.  Also there, somewhat less understandably, is yours truly, as JetsNation boss Kevin McCartney (who's already there, that go-getter) and I descend on the Country's most hopping retirement community to catch some future NHL'ers.

I'm pretty excited as a) this means Hockey is back, b) my personal hell of a summer is over, and c) we'll get to relay to you a good look-see at the next wave of Winnipeg Jets. What other Jets blog out there can offer you this kind of coverage? Not a one! Unless some of them are indeed there, in which case, I will neither apologize nor acknowledge their existence.

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Enjoy the Moment, Jets Fans

Brett Martin
July 30 2013 04:44AM

It's a special time in JetsNation. In the last week, the team has locked up Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler and Zach Bogosian to long-term deals at not insignifigant amounts of money. For any Team, in any market, signing 3 of your young, and best, players to multi-year contracts is welcome news. But for fans of the Winnipeg Jets, what's happened this week marks a new era in Jets-fannery

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Jets sign Matt Halischuk

Brett Martin
July 11 2013 04:39PM



Some news out of Camp Winnipeg Jets today, as the team signed free agent forward Matt Halischuk to a ? deal. As per Club Policy, terms were not disclosed. I think it's a rather stupid Policy, as everyone in the world with Internet access will be able to see the terms on Capgeek in a good day or less. BUT KEEP IT A SECRET UNTIL THEN! Bet on a 1-2 year deal at less than 1M per season.

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