Northern Touch: Midpoint Perspective

Darrin Bauming
January 10 2017 11:03AM

The Winnipeg Jets are at that point in the season — just past the midway point — where fans and media alike are starting to make firmer determinations in their minds as to whether or not they will be seeing playoff hockey for only the second time since the Atlanta Thrashers made their permanent migration north to the chilly and white winter hockey wonderland.

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Northern Touch: Optimism and Reality

Darrin Bauming
December 21 2016 11:01AM

The Winnipeg Jets are not going to make the playoffs.

Look, I get it. Some fans aren't going to want to hear that with nearly 50 games left to play in the season and the Jets sitting near points-.500 and still "in the hunt." But this isn't your wild clickbait-grabbing hot take (hawt taek?) headline here. This is your reality check. This is your sober moment heading into an often not-so-sober holiday season when friends and family get more opportunity to sit down and debate the good and bad, the exciting and the disappointing.

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Northern Touch: Roller Coasters

Darrin Bauming
December 07 2016 10:59AM

You win some, you lose some. It's a sports adage nearly as old as the games themselves. Call me a cynic or whatever, but I get a little bit of a kick out of the rollercoaster of emotions some ride as the Jets' season carries out. The club caps nine points in five games with a 4-0 blanking of the Blackhawks — songs of rejoice ring out. Playoffs, here we come! They then immediately follow it up with five straight road losses — disdain and pain. We'll get another lottery pick!

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Northern Touch: Regression to the Baseline

Darrin Bauming
November 22 2016 08:05AM

It is easily described as their worst stretch of hockey so far this season. But should we really be surprised? 21 games into the Winnipeg Jets' NHL calendar they sit tied for fourth place in the Central at 9-10-2, but have hit a road-trip snag while dropping three straight in convincing fashion in Philly, Boston, and Carolina.

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Northern Touch: Times Change(d)

Darrin Bauming
November 09 2016 09:50AM

Is this real life?

It's been an earth-shattering 48 hours — Jacob Trouba finally arrived in Winnipeg after putting pen to paper, two Jets sit atop the NHL scoring and goals leaderboards, a goaltender not named Ondrej got a third-straight start, the power play went 3-for-5 …

Oh, and a "blue-collar billionaire" who has never held public office was elected leader of the free world. But we'll keep this space to the hockey talk — that is unless Europeans and Canadians are eventually no longer permitted to take NHL jobs from hard working American-born AHL/ECHLers anymore.

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