Boo To Your Booing (Not a Halloween Pun)

October 29 2014 04:36PM

There are a lot of things we do well at MTS Centre during Jets games. Goalie chants, catchy chirps for players; “SILVER MEDAL” for Ryan Miller after the Olympics.  “CROSBY’S/OVI’S BETTER” for whichever one is in town.  “REF YOU SUCK”, the list goes on and on for all the cool original stuff we do at the games.  But can someone please explain to me whey we insist on booing the visiting teams best player on a nightly basis?!

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Playing Jr. 'til You're 24?!?

October 28 2014 12:49PM

Sam Berg, former CHLer has filed a class action lawsuit against the league claiming he (and the 1300 other CHL players) was underpaid while he played in the league, when he says underpaid, he’s talking about being paid below minimum wage.

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Score More

October 20 2014 06:47PM

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When you’re trying to protect a castle, you put up as big of a wall as you possibly can to slow down your enemies.  Now, if you don’t have a wall, or enough variables to build one.  The best way to defend your defenseless castle, is to launch an all out assault on your enemy while their deciding their attack strategy.  That’s a long, Dungeons and Dragons/Lord of The Rings way of saying a good defense is a good offense.

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How a Spider Catches a Weber

October 16 2014 01:45PM


First things first, home opener against Nashville is gonna be weird for me.  Only because for the first time in 10 years (Moose inc), I won’t be working as in-game host for The Winnipeg Jets.  Nor will I even be there!!  I’ll be with every other semi-season seat holder; at home, or my local watering hole (after the kids go down) cheering my face off.

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October 15 2014 06:40PM

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The question over the last few years isn’t who will the Jets play in the first round, rather will they even make the playoffs?!?!  The conversation is getting a little old as we’ve expected to be on the bubble of the post season since the Jets made their return to our (One) Great City (That was a Weakerthans reference for those wondering ;-)

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