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Dean Belanger
September 01 2011 09:16PM




“Although other forms such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) are in use, the most common usage of the medium is for broadcast television, which was modeled on the existing radio broadcasting systems developed in the 1920s, and uses high-powered radio-frequency transmitters to broadcast the television signal to individual TV receivers.” This according to Wikipedia. The TV is useful for many things, including watching 82 regular season Jets games.

The rumour mill had the broadcast rights for the Winnipeg Jets going to TSN and recently that was made official. It’s unprecedented that all of the Jets games will be available on TV this year. Only last season was that the case in Edmonton and Calgary, and only a recent phenomenon in Toronto if you subscribe to Leafs TV. Factor in a sure sell out for every Jets game for the next three years and even a skeptic would have to admit that this is very impressive. Get ready for hockey Winnipeg!

While I was hoping that Curt Keilback would somehow be involved, (there was a facebook page dedicated to the cause) I can’t complain too much with the crew they selected. Dennis Beyak calls a great game as well and he is from Manitoba. Part of the TSN deal involved the radio rights and it’s no small item that they were able to land the Jets for their new upstart sports station, the Team 1290. Brian Munz will move over to the Team and call the games when Beyak is on TV. Brian Engblom, Mike Johnson, and Shane Hnidy will serve as colour on TV and radio respectively. Engblom has by far the most experience of the three and is a native ‘Tobin. He also has wicked hair, which will serve him well if he ends up at the Zoo. The story is here.

The other item that has not been covered as of yet is the future of Sportsnet West. Changes are coming to be sure as there is no scenario where the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames will continue to filter into the Winnipeg market. The same will be done to protect their region from the new TSN regional Winnipeg station. That was confirmed to me in a recent conversation with a member of the Edmonton Oilers management The likely scenario is a creation of Sportsnet Prairies that will include Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan. Bad new for the folks in Saskatchewan who want to watch the progression of Taylor Hall or have become Flames fans. 


Dean has partied at Portage and Main (Bombers 1984,88,90) and cried (Jets rally 1995). He fondly remembers seeing Selanne's first goal, when Ellett scored in overtime, and not so fondly when they drafted Sergei Bautin. Is also a fan of the NFL Vikings and Raiders, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Oilers, and loves MMA. Participates in the best hockey pool ever and is addicted to Fantasy Football. He also has a weird fascination with the Bearcats. You can follow him on Twitter @bearcats_dean
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Trash it!

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