The Norris Division is back!

Dean Belanger
December 05 2011 08:08PM

So the answer is yes, history does repeat itself. As per the board of governors must have been in a good mood and actually did something that makes sense. No word yet on how many birdie puts were drained today...

Jets new division pending Player Association approval will consist of:

Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Winnipeg

Story is here - rejoice!

Dean has partied at Portage and Main (Bombers 1984,88,90) and cried (Jets rally 1995). He fondly remembers seeing Selanne's first goal, when Ellett scored in overtime, and not so fondly when they drafted Sergei Bautin. Is also a fan of the NFL Vikings and Raiders, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Oilers, and loves MMA. Participates in the best hockey pool ever and is addicted to Fantasy Football. He also has a weird fascination with the Bearcats. You can follow him on Twitter @bearcats_dean
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